B.F.C Enterprise gets the job done!


We are Combative Sports Promotional                         Company and a martial arts training center.  We have thirty years experience in teaching and training competitive fighters and 15 years of  fight promotion experience.   


You want to be the next big thing or you want to just get in shape and learn how to protect yourself and /or your family! Well, then, you have come to the right place! We can train you to be the next big fighting super star or you can let us change your way of life through the martial arts.

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We are located at 231 South 49th West AVE.

Tulsa OK. 74127

Phone 918-971-8248


We have been involved in the martial arts for over thirty years. We have produced several champions in one fashion or another in multiple martial arts.


"Since I have joined in the Muay Thai and Thai- Kido- Thai classes it has taught me lots of self- confidence." -- Cameron King, Sand Springs

"It has taught me a deeper respect for others while giving the confidence and knowledge that I can handle very tough and challenging obstacles while gaining self respect ." -- Miles Martin, Tulsa